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You can find Joana Naomy Carvalho Oliveira´s roots in Portugal and Angola, but she is born in Germany, where she studied and found her passion for fashion design.

Later, she gained merchandising experience with a leading international women's wear brand in Zurich, followed by a fashion stylist position. She also wrote fashion articles for magazines and did various graphic design jobs as a freelancer. 

These different chapters, she notes, all helped lay the conceptual and aesthetic foundations for her brand JNCOOFFICIAL, which she founded in early 2018 with a first image collection. 

Her fashion is characterized by a feminin design, between avant-garde and street style, focusing on the details of quality and a playfull approach to materials and construction. With the motivation to still modernise and innovate the design of womenswear.  



Email: info@jncooffical.com